Intoroduction to the Japanese Forest Economic Society

Brief history

   Our society was born as a small research group with researchers from universities and research institutes, forestry officers, staff of
organizations related to forestry, and others under the name of the Forest Economic Research Group in 1955. The number of original
members was only 28, but it constantly increased and reached over 350 in 10 years. The group gradually improved its organization and
became a registered academic society in 1978, namely the Japanese Forest Economic Society. In 2005, our society celebrated its 50th
anniversary and published a memorial book named “Issues in Forest Economic Research: From 50 years of history.” Over 50 researchers
in the society participated in the process of publishing the book. Presently, there are about 400 individual members and 35 member
organizations in the society. The secretariat office is located in Bunkyo, Tokyo.


   The purposes of the Japanese Forest Economic Society are prescribed in the constitution as follows:
(1) Progress in theoretical and practical studies on social science and humanities focused on forest, forestry,
  rural areas, the timber industry and related human activities.
(2) Promotion of research exchange in and out of Japan, and profound study among members.

Main Activities

   Our society provides two academic meetings every year. In spring, usually the end of March, a one-day thematized symposium is held.
In autumn, usually in November, members conduct oral presentations over two days. After the autumn meeting, field excursions are sometimes
organized by the organizational committee.
   In addition to the above-mentioned regular meetings, we occasionally offer small conferences or symposiums. We are willing to support
members holding such meetings, or to organize meetings in collaboration with other academic societies.
    Our society regularly publishes an academic journal named “The Journal of Forest Economics.” It is published three times a year
in March, July, and December. We accept submitted manuscripts both in Japanese and English.
   The Japanese Forest Economic Society has conferred the following academic awards every year since 2002:
(1) The Japanese Forest Economic Society Prize,
(2) The Japanese Forest Economic Society Progress Prize, and
(3) The Japanese Forest Economic Society Student Prize (since 2012).