How to submit your manuscript for Journal of Forest Economics

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To contributors

   Only members of The Japanese Forest Economic Society can contribute to our journal. If you are not the member yet, please sign up here and join our society before contributing.

   All of contributors must read gInstruction of Contributorsh and gWriting manuscriptsh carefully and write a manuscript following them.

   A manuscript is submitted either by e-mail or by postal mail. Manuscripts should be sent to;
    (1) in case of by E-mail
    (2) in case of by postal mail
        The Editorial Board Journal of Forest Economics, Center for Academic Publications Japan,
        2-4-16 Yayoi, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, 113-0032, Japan

   Invoice for submissions to Journal of Forest Economics, Submission Checklist and Statement of Pledge should be attached to a manuscript. The Pledge signed by every author should be sent by postal mail, even if other materials are sent by e-mail.

   In case none of the authors is a native English speaker, a certificate of English@proofreading of the submitting manuscript should also be attached.

   Reception of new manuscript needs 1 week or about 10 days. Because Editorial Office has to check whether the first author is our society member. And Editorial Board hold meeting of whether new manuscript does peer review.

   Please attach the answer to the previous reviewers' comments in the case re-submit by rejection and withdrawal.


   Rapid Reviewing is just a way to prompt to shorten the reviewing period. Strictness of reviewing is as usual.
   It is often that new lines are added in the reviewing process. It is better that the first manuscript have some room for adding lines in the reviewing.
   Contributors have to pay no charge to receive reviewing, but have to purchase the reprints. Price Table is below. 


Number of copies Pages in print
6 ~8 ~10 ~12
PDF file only 20,000 30,000 46,000 62,000
PDF file and 50 copies 30,000 40,000 56,000 72,000
PDF file and 100 copies 35,000 45,000 61,000 77,000

*possible more than 100 copies